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6730 Roosevelt Ave, Suite 308 Middletown, OH, 45005


Delight Health Services is a locally owned and operated home health care agency based in Middletown Ohio.

Delight Health Services was founded by Grace and Ayo, who are residents of Middletown, OH. Grace, a nurse practitioner, brings on 13 years of industry experience, and directs the nursing services, supported by Ayo, who has a technology management experience.

After taking about 2 years to research the industry’s pain-points, we pursued erudition in home health care industry, became acquainted with the rules and regulations, identified what can set us apart, we began operations late 2016.

Some of the home care agencies based in Middletown are satellite operations for agencies with main operations located outside Butler and neighboring counties. Grace and Ayo have close ties to the community, as residents, volunteers, and family business owner. This makes it essential for us to provide quality service, with enabling innovative technologies, and engage highly qualified caregivers in the homes of our clients, who we see as community families.

Our mission is to enable seniors in our community live independently in their homes using a team-based, innovative approach.
We are committed to providing high quality, compassionate care by care-givers who emphasize the individuality of clients, and develop each person’s capabilities.
We believe promoting independence, dignity and providing caring environments is key.

We are located @ 6730 Roosevelt Ave, Suite 308 Middletown, OH, 45005

and serve the following counties:

  • Butler
  • Greene
  • Hamilton
  • Montgomery
  • Warren
  • Dearborn
  • Preble
  • Clermont